About Erika

About Erika

Erika Lacroix is a multi-disciplinary artist from Midland, Ontario who finds inspiration in nature and wildlife. She loves to experiment with different mediums and techniques, and you’ll often see bold colors and textures in her work.

Growing up in Richmond Hill, Erika always had a passion for art. She took private art lessons throughout her childhood and teenage years and even won an award for her work when she graduated high school. After considering different career paths, like special effects makeup, she decided to pursue hair styling and beauty makeup.

In 2003, Erika met Nathan and they fell in love. They settled in Nathan’s hometown of Midland and started a family, and Erika even built a successful home-based hair salon. But in 2017, Erika had to retire due to a chronic pain condition. It was tough, but it also gave her the chance to return to her first love: art. With the support of her family, Erika has been diving back into her art and learning new things.

Yes, I do commissions!

Direct my inspiration with your own commissioned piece in any of my regular mediums.